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Our sires represent everything we look for in the Limousin breed. We seek out high-performing, easy calving bulls with structural soundness and exceptional muscle and breed character as our herdsires. Gentle bulls that are easy to handle are the only kind that walk our pastures. We take pride in our proven sires who have outstanding sons working in herds across the country. We also look forward to seeing the progeny of our young sires that are bringing new and exciting genetics to our herd. All of our herd sires are homozygous polled.


Given that sires contribute so significantly to a herd, we only invest in the best bulls that we are confident will work in our operation, and their progeny will work in your's.  


RPY Paynes Anchorman 19J.jpg
Hillview Jose Cuervo RGK 722J.jpg
Hillview Highliner RGK 323H.jpg
Sirloin Hulk SFL 24H July 2022.JPG
Pinnacle's Geode RAE 4G.jpg
Pinnacle's Geode RAE 4G
Sire: B Bar Bentley 8D
Dam: Pinnacle's Cassiopeia 42C
Anchor B Fulton 216F.png
Anchor B Fulton JBH 216F
Sire: HUNT Credentials 37C ET
Dam: Anchor B Denver 126D
EMF Fast Lane THE 11F.png
EMF Fast Lane THE 11F
Sire: B Bar Rust 31B
Dam: EMF Brita THE 4B
RGK 420F_edited.jpg
Hillview Fully Loaded RGK 420F
Sire: EDW Distributer RWK 641D
Dam: Hillview Bling Girl RGK 420B
Richmond Zodiac SRD 202E.png
Richmond Zodiac 202E
Sire: Richmond Zodiac 29Z
Dam: Richmond Xact SRD 40X
RPY Paynes Elevation 43E
Sire: Cottage Lake Big Star
Dam: RPY Paynes Mandy 29Z
EDW Distributer RWK 641D.jpg
EDW Distributer RWK 641D
Sire: COLE Architect 08A
Dam: EDW U Wish RWK 614U
Hansen's Dozer SEH 7D.jpg
Hansen's Dozer SEH 7D
Sire: RPY Paynes Bonanza 34B
Dam: Hiways Awesome HWX 37A
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